Thursday 11th of February 2016 So, 2014 and absolutely nothing has happened. . . HEADLINES: Exactly the same as the last few days. . . 'Slappers Jugs' has been bought out by competitor gardening publication 'Giblets' in what is believed to be a deal worth more than £15.75. Bill Crumsley of Yeovil who we reported had successfully grown orange pip in his navel and then subsequently died from "Cercospora citri-grisea" was squeezed in a private ceremony on Thursday. . . 'Twatty' the alcoholic tabby cat from Taunton appears in talent show... FINANCIAL NEWS: 72 year old Alice Giggs finds 50p on the pavement near her house. . . SPORT: Scott Treadgold (37) who competed in his son Jake's (6) sports day '50 meter slow amble' last week, dies. He will not now be taking a long vacation until September. TONIGHT'S TV: Same old anaesthetising drivel despite the date...

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Shaved Hamster

Meet Shaved Hamster

If you're under 25 they are simply 'now' if you're over 35, they're Nu Wave!

Name: Shaved Hamster
Mini bio: New US fringe rock doesn't get any more 'un-American' than these very European sounding guys.

In fact they sound retro and fresh in equal measure, which makes them a paradox and that's an especially healthy thing to be in music.

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